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Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation for Any Home

Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation for Any Home

Insulated vinyl siding is a very durable, and cost-effective choice when installing siding on your home. So, what is the difference between regular vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding? Just as the name implies, insulated vinyl siding includes a foam-core backing and is a thicker material than the regular. This means insulated vinyl is that much more durable, able to withstand the outside elements, and is even more resistant to impact. This foam backing precisely fits to the surface of the home, preventing any kind of warping, moving or shifting of the siding in the future.

Also due to the additional insulation, inflated vinyl can be slightly more cost-efficient than regular vinyl, as well. The insulation will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so, if that is one of the most important factors when choosing siding, insulated vinyl is the way to go. Long-term you will save on the cost of your utility bills.

Insulated vinyl siding is aesthetically pleasing. Due to the insulated backing and thicker material, it gives homes a more uniform look by covering up any minor imperfections. There are several different colors and styles available to choose from, and it has been known to look very similar to wood, without all of the negatives that come with wood siding.

As to be expected, there is a price difference between insulated and regular, due to the additional material and insulation provided with insulated vinyl. It is still a cost-effective choice considering what you will save in your monthly utility bills. It is durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance and provides the curb appeal every homeowner is after.


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Clear Choice of Maryland is the best choice for installing your insulated vinyl siding. Our team of siding contractors have been installing insulated vinyl siding in homes in your area for many years. We know the weather, outside elements, and common challenges faced by local homeowners and can guarantee the proficiency of our work. From the materials we choose to the installation techniques we use – our skill is unmatched. When you choose a home siding company, you can’t choose just any company. You want to leave your home in the hands of the best. Your home is a huge investment, and we want to help you to increase the return on that investment.

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