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Vinyl Siding Installation

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Why Choose Vinyl Siding For Your Home?

Vinyl siding is a cost-effective choice when it comes to siding a home. Not only is the material lower cost, it is very low maintenance and takes almost nothing to keep it looking new. It is not prone to damage and is termite resistant, meaning no need for repairs. This keeps the ongoing cost for vinyl siding down as well.

Vinyl siding is lightweight and durable. It is created to withstand the elements and is resistant to large amounts of moisture, meaning rotting and corrosion won’t be a problem. It also isn’t prone to rusting or warping in anyway.

If your main goal is to create curb appeal for your home, vinyl siding will deliver. It is versatile, and comes in an unending amount of colors and textures to choose from. You can choose vinyl confidently with any look in mind for your home.

An added bonus for choosing vinyl siding is the money it can save you with your utilities due to the nature of the material. It is an excellent insulator and can help with temperature regulation in your home. Those looking for a more energy -efficient and eco-friendly home will be pleased with their choice in vinyl siding.


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The Cost of Vinyl Siding

The cost to install vinyl siding varies based on a number of factors. The size and style of the home, siding material chosen, removal of old siding (if needed) and any trim or painting done. The total price is broken down by cost per square foot of material and the cost of labor. For example, vinyl siding can cost anywhere from $1-$8 per square foot, and installation can range anywhere from $2,000 – $16,000. We will have a better idea of what the cost of installing vinyl siding in your home is when we sit down to do the free consultation. Please note that we will work with you to find what fits best in your budget and meets your needs!

Why Choose Clear Choice For Your Vinyl Siding Installation

Although vinyl siding is a bit easier to install than other siding choices, it still needs to be done correctly by a skilled siding contractor. We are the leading vinyl siding installers for a reason. Clear Choice of Maryland has been installing vinyl siding in homes in Maryland and surrounding areas for many years. We have the skill and experience needed to properly install vinyl siding, ensuring you get the outcome you expect and pay for.
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